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Just Three Pills (Mini fiction)

Bonjour! Mardi 9.5.17

J'aimerai partager la mini fiction écrite par un ami ainsi que moi-même. :)

Elle est en anglais. C'est pour ça que je prépare aussi la version française.

Bonne lecture! (Bon, l'anglais n'est pas parfait hein)



Les deux personnages principaux (Thomas Brodie Sangster-Dylan O'Brien)

Les deux personnages principaux (Thomas Brodie Sangster-Dylan O'Brien)

Just Three Pills

 She approached the set, where Thomas was already playing the kissing scene with Emma Stone. It was the last and the most important scene for the spectators. Unfortunately, the problem was Thomas. He didn’t know how to play and he was a little bad. Wes was already angry. So he allowed the actors to take a break. Some satisfaction sighs were heard. Thomas wanted to be alone in a corner of the set. But Isabella went to him and gently said:

Hey, Thomas, can you please follow me? I would speak about a thing in a box.

-Oh… okay., said sadly Thomas.”

He followed the middle-aged woman, and, once they arrived in front of the door, Thomas believed seeing a queer smile on Bella's face.

-Go inside! Don’t be so scared, haha!, smiled the woman.”

Thomas obeyed and sat on a chair. He waited much information about the situation.

-So… what do you want to speak about, please?, asked the boy.

-You’re so impatient! But it’s really important for you, so I understand. So, you think you’re a little… bad on the last scene, huh?

-Yep, and?

- I found a good thing, one thing… after eaten, you should be better on the set!”

Thomas tried to understand what Isabella wanted he must take. He asked a question, which firstly make Bella silent: “Huh… it is like doping, in cinema, isn’t it?

-… Approximately, no, you could be the best in this so important scene! You know, Wes believes in you, you are his hope to figure in the most popular critic magazines, and on the top of charts on television and cinemas! You are OUR HOPE. I believe in you Thomas… as well as Emma, and other actors. As well as the spectators.

-You’re right… I’m sorry, I want to be the best for the public, and for Dyl… Wes.

-Okay, cool! So, you can take these three pills every morning, during one week. Be careful of Wes, please. He doesn’t know I give you these things.”

Thomas saw Isabella came back to the door, and after a large strange smile, she closed it. He was alone. He could cogitate about all Bella’s words. His eyes were a little transparent, and he looked nearly scared. He finished on the sofa, after had eaten the three pills, he fell in the arms of Morpheus despite himself.  


-‘’The worst actor of the year 2017-N-Y Times”, “A ghastly film with bad actors-The Huffington Post”, “We never see such a taint of Sy-Fy film!-Saturday Evening Post”, desperately screamed Wes. It’s all your fault, Thomas. You were my last hope to be known in producer’s celebrities, and you were the “worst” of my actors! You are a poor fiend, and YOU have tarnished my image! I… I’m sorry… but you must to quit the set. Now. And you mustn’t never cross my road, is it understood?

-Huh.. huh yes, Mr Ball. Goodbye [stupid bastard], whispered Thomas.”

The young guy went outside, and millions of journalists and “ex-fans” were here. They screamed some “Poor guy!” “Silly boy!”, “I hate you, my love!” He tried to escape the crowd but, at one moment, he recognized Dylan O’Brien, the only one young boy on the set. He fixed in Thomas ‘eyes, and, with a cruel voice, said: I don’t like you, now! Stay far of me!”

The guy was very sad, and restrained his tears somehow. He has lost all. His job. His confidence. All of the critic came back to his thoughts. He finally scream a long “Noo!”.


Thomas, Thomas! Wake up! Wake up, please!, shouted Dylan.”

Thomas opened his eyes, and saw Dylan's face in front of him. “I… made a… nightmare.”

-“You made a short nightmare, Tommy, didn’t you? It was during 10 minutes, and I arrived in this box, I saw you, so cute, doing a rest on the sofa!

-Huh, yes, I dreamed I was qualified as the worst actor, and you were here, you said you hate me and you don’t like me… it was horrifying.

-Ohh, I can't say that, Tommy! Never ! I love you, you’re my favorite actor and… my friend?


The young boy ran back to scream to all people that he had a friend like Thomas. The latter remembered the three pills he must take, and seek it. Bella and Wes arrived at the same time, and asked the boy what he had been doing, to which he answered: “I lost three things…”, and Isabella opened oddly her eyes, and addressed to Thomas a cruel gaze. Wes whispered incomprehensible things but, at one moment, said with clear voice:

-Thomas, are you ready to play the last scene? I’m tired, and you too, so can you?

-Yes, for sure, Wes!

-Okay, thank you Tommy!

-It’s me, who calls him “Tommy”! said a young voice behind the man.”

Isabella and Thomas laughed of this Dylan' sentence. They returned to the set. Thomas placed him near Emma, and began playing his role. He heard whisperings like ‘’oh, fantastic!”, “perfect!”. He smiled, and Emma smiled, thinking this was for her. Once they finished, Wes, Isabella and Dylan went to him to congratulate him. Bella was watching Thomas with a grin, and Wes noticed it. He asked:

-Why do you watch Thomas with this smile, Bella? Haha, you’re funny, but a little scary.

-For nothing, don’t worry, haha.”

Thomas interrogated her with a gaze, and received a wink. This woman seemed very strange but obviously, those pills contained magic powers!

Lately, the young man went back at his home and put the fantastic pills on the table. He looked at the ingredients list and started to read the little words at the bottom of the label. “Can bring about side effects.” Nonsense! This product could not be harmful, its using saved him of the ruin! So Thomas decided to take six pills each morning during a month, in aim to increase the effects.

It was a good intention. He wanted to be perfect in his job and thanks to the pills, he was! Quickly, he became rich and more famous than he was. He bought a huge mansion near to London and realized his biggest dream: he asked Dylan to go out with him. Tears, laughs, and “Yes”. Finally, they were officialy in couple. On the net, fans were totally spaced out and millions of fan-arts appeared, like mushrooms.

The two mans lived very happy in their new house. But arrived the day when Thomas finished the box of pills. The side effects he ignored a month before manifested themselves. The young man became violent, aggressive and chased his husband of the mansion. He loved him of all his heart, but he knew that he became a real monster.

Leave me alone! I just want to protect you!

-To protect me of what?

-Of myself. Dylan, I'm not your husband, I changed a lot. Leave me during you can do it.

-Tommy, I can't! You're all my life!

-So it's time for you to start a new life.


-Stay away! I become too dangerous for you! Run away! Now!”

Dylan took his necessities and left the man he loved during his whole life. Thomas watched the car going to London, crying. He was alone. It was better for everyone.

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